Homosexuality in Nineteenth-Century England: A Sourcebook compiled by Rictor Norton

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Primary Documents

All the documents faithfully reproduce the
spelling, punctuation, capitalization and
italicization of the original sources.

1800–1803 Newspaper Reports (A man apologises for defaming a servant; several cases of blackmail; conviction of a one-armed homosexual seller of obscene prints; a drunken servant molests his master)
1802 Trial of Henry Elmstead
1804 Newspaper Reports
(Including the hanging of Methuselah Spalding, illustrated)
1805 Newspaper Reports
(including a remarkable conspiracy case)
1806 Newspaper Reports
1806 A Sodomite Club in Warrington
1807 Newspaper Reports
(Many men stand in the pillory; one man kills himself in prison)
1807 A Navy Court Martial
1808 Newspaper Reports
(a female blackmailer; a condemned sodomite kills himself)
1809 Newspaper Reports (including the notorious case of the Earl of Leicester)
1809 Defamatory Words between Clergymen
1810 Newspaper Reports
(mobs of 30,000 people gather when sodomites are pilloried)
1810 Court Martial of James Nehemiah Taylor (A confession and a diary extract express a belief that homosexualty is innate and should not be punished with death)
1810 The Vere Street Club
1811 Newspaper Reports
1812 Newspaper Reports
(Cobbet objects to being imprisoned with sodomites; an ox disrupts a pilloring; a possible gay network in Maidstone)
1812 Lord, Remember Me!
(The execution and confession of a sodomite whose wife begs him not to disclose the names of his partners)
1813 Newspaper Reports
1814 Newspaper Reports
(A man is convicted of having sex with another man specifically with the other man's consent; a native of the East Indies is hanged for sex with a boy)
1815 Newspaper Reports
1815 Debate on Abolishing the Pillory
1816 Newspaper Reports
1817 Newspaper Reports
1817 Scandal in the Isle of Man
(Young man shoots his brother-in-law for trying to break up his gay affair with local baronet.)
1818 Newspaper Reports
1818 Marylebone Gang
(Sixteen gay men are arrested at their meeting place in Marylebone, and imprisoned in Newgate in a single room)
1818 Prison Conditions
(Conditions in prison affecting homosexual offenders)
1819 Newspaper Reports
(Two thousand people attend the burial of a sodomite hanged in April; a gay pauper is hanged in December.)
1820 Newspaper Reports (Execution of a discharged soldier; an extortion conspiracy)
1820 The Kept Man-Mistress
1821 Cross-Dressing Women in Paris
1821 Newspaper Reports
(Includes the execution of five members of an extortion ring)
1822 Newspaper Reports
(A man is charged specifically with consenting to sex with another man; a man is tried for conspiring to accuse another of sodomy in order to gain an inheritance; a Chelsea Pensioner is sentenced to be hanged; a network of gay men centred upon the Duke of Newcastle's valet is prosecuted)
1822 History of the Dutch Persecutions of the 1730s
1822 The Scandal involving the Bishop of Clogher
1822 The Bishop of Clogher
1822 The Trial of James Byrne
1823 The Bishop of Clogher vs. James Byrne
1823 Newspaper Reports
(In March, execution of gay men in the circle centred upon the Duke of Newcastle's valet)
1823 The Parson and the Boy
by William Cobbett
1824 Legal Precedents in Blackmail Cases
1824 Newspaper Reports
1825 The Case of John Grossett Muirhead
1825 The Barley Mow Club Room
1825 Early Reflections on the History of Homosexuality
1826 Newspaper Reports
1826 The Sodomite Inn
1826 Rumours in the Village of Dunham
1826-29 Career of Thomas Brewer
1827 Newspaper Reports
1827 Richard Heber
(Wealthy book collector flees England to escape arrest)
1827–29 The Case of John Richmond Seymour
1828 Newspaper Reports
1828 Hatch the Buffer
1829 Newspaper Reports
1830 Newspaper Reports
1830 Police Entrapment (The Hyde Park Gang)
1831 Newspaper Reports
1832 Newspaper Reports
1832 Scandal involving the Duke of Cumberland
1833 Newspaper Reports
1833 The Mystery of 'Eliza' Edwards
Transgender actress
1833 William Bankes
(trial for indecent behaviour)
1834 Newspaper Reports
1835 Newspaper Reports
1835 Execution of John Spershott
1835 The Trial of James Pratt and John Smith
1835 The Last Men Executed for Sodomy in England
1836 Newspaper Reports
1837 Newspaper Reports
1838 Newspaper Reports
1838 The Story of a Black Hustler
1838 Monomania with Unnatural Propensity
1839 Newspaper Reports
1839 The Boys in the Bathhouse
1839 Blackmail
[a timid man wearing three rings is blackmailed]
1840 Newspaper Reports
1840 The Hairdresser and the Suicide
1840s Infamous Clergymen, 1840s
1840 Merely a Misdemeanour
1840 Homosexuality among Convicts in Australia
1840s Legal Issues and Practices
1840s Policemen as Entrappers and as Participants
1840s Cruising and/or Extortion
1840s George Dawson Lowndes: A Case of 'Monomania'
1840s Men in Women's Clothes
1841 Newspaper Reports
(incl. a shipowner who allegedly gropes a shoemaker)
1842 A Gang of Extortioners
1842 Newspaper Reports
1842 Trial for Slander against a Clergyman
1842–43 Libels against the Duke of Brunswick
1843 Newspaper Reports
1843 The Infamous Case of Sir Felix Booth
1843 Caught in Hyde Park
1843 Writing on the Walls
1844 The Story of Alonzo Johnson, Strolling Player
1844 Miscellaneous News Reports
1844 The Horrible Affair at Newcastle
1844 A Man of Colour, a Butler, and a Strolling Player
1844 'I will frighten the gentleman'
1845 Miscellaneous News Reports
including a charge against an illegitimate son of King George IV
1845 The Master and His Manservant
1845 The Case of Henry Bourne
1845 A Network of Quakers and Jews
1845 A Gay Meeting-Place in London
1845 Indecent Print used as Evidence
1845-46 Alleged Conspiracy against a Police Magistrate in Dublin
1846 The Story of 'Black Joe'
1846 Tranvestite Male Prostitute
1846 Miscellaneous News Reports
1846 A Bankruptcy
1846–47 Prosecutions of Consenting Partners
1846 Attempt to Blackmail Son of a Baronet
1846 Groom Blackmails Member of Parliament
1846 Sex between Prisoners in Wisbech County Gaol
1847 Miscellaneous News Reports
1848 Miscellaneous News Reports
1848 The Earl of Kingston at the Bus Stop
1848-49 Soldiers and Sailors
1849 Miscellaneous News Reports
1849 A Rainy Night in the Park
1849 Ballet-Dancer Disguised as a Woman
1840s–1850s Criminal Statistics, 1840s–1850s
1850 Eliza/Elijah Scott, the Black Man Woman
1850s News Reports for the 1850s
1853 Shoemaker Libels a Butler
1854 Newspaper Reports
1854 On the Way to Fairlop Fair
1854 A Mania for Masquerades
1855 A Few Words about Margeries
1855 Newspaper Reports
1856 Newspaper Reports
1857 Newspaper Reports
1857 Policeman Charged with Homophobic Abuse
1857 Fortune-Teller Extortionist
1857 A Chemist and His Errand Boys
1858–59 Newspaper Reports
1859 The Case of Archibald Mann
1859 The Philanthropist
1859 Flogging in the Navy
1860s Newspaper Reports
1870–74 Newspaper Reports
1863 Too Much Crinoline
1864 Father Ignatius and His Singing Boys
1869 Brother Augustine
1870–71 Fanny and Stella, Female Impersonators
1874 'Queen of Camp'
1875 Newspaper Reports
1875 Suicide at Christmas
1876 Newspaper Reports
Man is sentenced to 18 months' hard labour for sex with an 18 year old who is sentenced to 6 months' hard labour for consenting to the act.
1876 A Black Ship's Cook
1877 Newspaper Reports
Man sentenced to life imprisonment for sex with a consenting 17 year old Post Office lad, who gets ten years; a black barber sentenced to 10 years.
1878 The Exeter Scandal
(Clerk of the Peace for Devon propositions soldiers)
1879 Newspaper Reports
1879 The Keevil Libel Case
1880 The Hulme Fancy Dress Ball
1881 Newspaper Reports
1882 Newspaper Reports
1883 Newspaper Reports
1884 The Dublin Scandals
1885 Newspaper Reports
1885 Love-Letter Gone Astray
1885-86 Gross Indecency
The earliest cases prosecuted under the new legislation making "gross indecency" a crime (the Labouchere Amendment)
1886 Unnatural Crime
1887 Newspaper Reports
1888 John Dennison, Organ Grinder
1889 Newspaper Reports
1889 The Cleveland Street Scandal
1890 News Reports
1890 Indecent Bathing
1890 The Belfast Scandal
1890 The Southsea Scandal
1890 The Chelsea Workhouse Scandal
1890 The Story of Two Hairdressers
1891 Newspaper Reports
1891 Prosecution and Suicide of Prominent Historian
Attempted Extortion at Brighton
1891 Scandal at Barnstaple
1891 "Yum, Yum!" - A Career in Debauchery
1892 Newspaper Reports
1893 Newspaper Reports
(Several convictions of men for consenting to have sex together)
1894 Newspaper Reports

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